Outings and Adventures

Medical Alternatives hosts weekly outings, as well as seasonally appropriate adventures!  Outings have included:

- Farmers Market

- Motown Museum

- Cider Mill

- Animal Sanctuary

- Detroit Zoo

- Bowling Night

- Game Night

- Museum Tours, Cultural Events

- Art Events with projects to take home

Employee Spotlight of the Month

The Employee Spotlight of the Month highlights a different person each month, not for any specific accomplishment, or any one specific trait, but because they are a valuable part of our team.  We will get to know more about each other and how we each add value to Medical Alternatives and our persons served!  Nominated employees are employees that embody our person-centered approach, are helpful, have a great attitude, and/or contributes to the team.

January 2020 Employee Spotlight of the Month: 


Rebecca S.! 

January 2020



Rebecca S.!

Rebecca holds a BA in Neuroscience and Psychology from Lake Forest College, where she also minored in Studio Art.  The employees of Medical Alternatives, Inc. enjoyed viewing her art pieces she recently shared with everyone.  Rebecca aspires to be a Physician Assistant and is certain that her role as a CNA at Medical Alternatives, Inc. will contribute to her future success.  Some interesting tidbits about Rebecca:  she is the oldest (by one minute) in a set of fraternal triplets.  She inherited her love of singing from her grandmother, who was a professional singer.  Rebecca was nominated because of her ability to remain calm and pleasant, as well as being a great team player!  She goes above and beyond to ensure that our persons served feel how much she cares for them.  

December 2019



Adam Greenberg

Adam is our CFO and holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from Michigan State University.  He is intrinsically motivated and loves solving problems.  He is goal and task oriented and desires the best life for our person's served, employees and the company.  Although he attended MSU, Adam roots for the Wolverines as well as the Lions, Tigers, Pistons and Red Wings.  Adam was nominated because of his dedication and the long hours he works, ensuring that our person's served are well taken care of and Medical Alternatives, Inc. continues growing better together!  

November 2019

Employee Spotlight:

Burgundy M.!

Burgundy joined Medical Alternatives in February of 2019, and is passionate about the individuals we serve as well as her coworkers.   She always has a smile on her face and is committed to providing the people we serve with excellent care.   You don't have to be around her long before you realize that she succeeds in making those around her feel as though they are a part of her family.  

October 2019

Employee Spotlight:

Eric M.!

September 2019

Employee Spotlight:

Christina H.!

Eric joined Medical Alternatives in August of 2019, after being referred by a current employee.  Before joining our family, Eric worked as an attendant at a car wash while attending nursing school.  Interested in the health care industry and in learning more about TBI, Medical Alternatives has been a perfect fit for Eric.  He mentioned that Medical Alternatives has more than exceeded his expectations in how well they treat their employees and the continuous training offered to employees.  He enjoys working with our persons served, as evidenced by the person that nominated him for this award.  Eric is professional and person centered, qualities that we value in our employees.  

Christina joined Medical Alternatives in 1997, and is committed to improving the lives of those who are in our care.  She was raised to help those that were less fortunate, and has made it her mission to provide quality care to our persons served for more than 20 years!  Christina loves building people up and says of her role at Medical Alternatives Inc., "It's not a job, it's a service".  She embodies our motto of treating our persons served as though they are our family!

August 2019

Employee Spotlight:

Sue K.!

Sue joined Medical Alternatives in 2010 and is committed to improving the lives of those who are in our care.  She does this by meticulously reviewing documents to ensure proper care has been given, as well as her commitment to being here every day, on time, and ready to assist staff and Administration.  Sue exemplifies the definition of “being in the moment” by focusing on her task at hand and her attention to detail.

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