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Rochelle Greenberg

Rochelle founded Medical Alternatives, Inc. in 1988 with a mission to provide high quallity care to people in need.  She graduated from Wayne State University with a BS in Education; and earned a Masters degree in Speech/Language Pathology from Eastern Michigan University. Ms. Greenberg is the President and Owner of Medical Alternatives, Inc.

Dr. Erik Kovan, DO

Dr. Erik Kovan, DO. joined the team in 2021 as the Medical Director for the program. Dr. Kovan brings a wealth of experience in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation.  With over 25 years  dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of pain, spinal disorders and physical injuries, Dr. Kovan is a respected leader in education and in patient care.  

Adam Greenberg

Adam joined the Medical Alternatives team in 2011, following his graduation from MSU with a degree in finance. As the CFO, Adam provides financial information to support all functions within Medical Alternatives. Adam is also responsible for oversight with logistics and transportation, which allows residents to live as free from stress as possible. 

Daniel Eaton

Dan joined Medical Alternatives, Inc. in 2018 after working in the industry for over 20 years. He brings a wealth of operational and acquisition knowledge gained from running both small and very large brain injury programs. This knowledge combined with being an RN adds great value to our team. Dan also remains a prolific advocate for those with TBI in Michigan as a board member of MBIPC and the Government Relations Committee Chair. 

Nichole Garcia

Nichole is an Occupational Therapist who has extensive experience working with individuals who have traumatic brain injuries Nichole has experience working as a program manager with a therapeutic vocational program for people with traumatic brain injuries. She led various groups which included creative, administrative, enclaves, and production. She is passionate about neuroscience, research, and lifelong learning. She continues to be an advocate for her clients and enjoys assisting others to excel and meet their individual goals.

Sherry Lynn Navarro

Sherry Lynn joined the team at Medical Alternatives, Inc in 2018.  She serves as the QI Manager, oversees HR processes and is actively directing the compliance with CARF certification. She has been the leader in coordinating care with the Oakland County Health and Safety Services, and works directly with state and local inspection agencies. She oversees house managers and direct care workers.  Sherry Lynn is dedicated to improving the lives of our persons served, and has extensive experience in safety, and program development.  

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