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Executive Summary

     Medical Alternatives, Inc. is a therapeutic residential treatment program for the Traumatically Brain Injured (TBI) in Southeast Michigan. Medical Alternatives, Inc. offers services from any of our three licensed AFC facilities, our supported community program, or our in-home community care serving Southeast Michigan. Additionally we are supported by MARC, Medical Alternatives Rehabilitation Center, offering facility-based Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy located in Novi, MI. We provide the best choice for those seeking long and short-term care for their loved ones suffering from TBI. With a quality care team in place including Speech-Language Pathology, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Psychotherapy, and quality trained staff we are well equipped to meet individual needs. Over 30 years of experience assures our consumers of the long-term stability required for the care of their loved ones.

History Of Company

For 30 wonderful years I have been a part of many successful recovery stories. 

In 1984, I, Rochelle Greenberg, graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology and began working at a residential facility treating individuals suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury. I soon determined that I desired to work with this population in a more home-like setting. I recognized that better outcomes could occur with a deeper involvement in an individual’s life care than could be obtained with limited session times.

My goal to keep Medical Alternatives, Inc. a family like environment has not wavered since 1988. Our census keeps growing but our commitment to an individual's quality of life remains a cornerstone of the treatment philosophy I adopted 30 years ago. Everyone at Medical Alternatives, Inc. takes direct pride and ownership of resident care, offers a high level of availability to residents and treatment team members, communicates regularly and effectively, follows through on open items to completion, and has a vested interested in great outcomes.

We strive daily to ensure all residents feel like part of our family and to provide everyone with the tools they need to build the life they want.

Mission Statement

Since its founding in 1988, Medical Alternatives, Inc. prioritizes improving the lives of the Traumatically Brain Injured. Our person-centered approach drives successful outcomes by combining all facets of an individual’s therapeutic care plan in conjunction with their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.


  • Compassion:  We treat our persons served, staff, administration and external team members with compassion and understanding.  We put forth a concerted effort to understand the perspective of those we work with, and those we serve.

  • Commitment:  We are committed to improving the lives of those who are in our care.  We provide the highest quality care possible for the entire duration of a person’s relationship with Medical Alternatives.

  • Individual Care:  We see each person served as an individual, and tailor interventions to meet personalized needs whenever possible.   Each person served in the company deserves the attention and care of a professional team, to monitor and modify the treatment plan as needed.

  • Professionalism:  We strive to provide each person in our program with the highest standard of knowledge and respect. We are responsible for providing competent care and ethical treatment to each person served. 


  • Proactive:  We are committed to forward thinking and to taking proactive steps to provide our persons served with the highest quality of care.  We provide educational opportunities for our staff and administration to access the most current strategies in the industry and in client care.


  • Serve and Inspire:  We are mindful of our role in the community and in the lives of those in our care to demonstrate our commitment with our actions.  We are grateful for the opportunity to lead and inspire others to achieve success. 

Achievements & Partnerships 

Celebrating 30 years of operation in 2018

Three fully licensed AFC homes in Southeastern MI

Proud Members of CPAN, BIA, and MBIPC 


CPAN = Coalition to Protect Auto No Fault

BIA= Brain Injury Association of America, Michigan Chapter

MBIPC= Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council

Now that you know all about us,

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